Love Little Liberty

Te ara o te aroha

The way of love in Little Liberty for 2-3 year olds

Little Liberty acts as a bridge between the Nest and the Garden Room, providing a small intimate space for children between two and three years. Here they will be introduced to the routines of the preschool environment and enjoy discovering more about their growing independence.

Activities of Everyday Living are the most important areas of learning for your child.  The aim of these activities is to help develop your child’s independence, co-ordination, self-confidence, sense of order and intellect.  Using Practical Life materials helps a child develop self-discipline and their ability to concentrate through answering a child’s inner desire to do things for themselves.  By working on activities that they see you do, such as a dressing frame that helps them to learn to zip zips or a scaled down version of a dustpan and brush, they delight in looking after themselves and their environment.

Together we will discover how to live together in our community through our Grace and Courtesy lessons as well as exploring the early Sensorial materials, how to look after ourselves and the environment. This is the time that special connections are made and the children learn more about what they love to do.