Little Sweethearts Montessori

At Little Sweethearts Montessori we are a family, sharing our hopes, dreams, joys and challenges each day as we work, laugh, and grow together.   We are devoted to each individual child, respecting their authentic self, working hand in hand with parents and whanau, cherishing the amazing journey of childhood. Through our daily interactions with one another, our experiences shed a light on the life of the child.  We are their role models of how to live a life of love, embracing each child for who they are.  Wairua is the gateway to each child’s well-being as they confidently become aware of their special place in the World.  On this journey the insights and observations of Maria Montessori unites, guides, and shows us the way of peace.

Devoted to the Montessori way of life; Directresses, the children and their families – we all come together to create the very special place we call Little Sweethearts Montessori, or as one of the children call it, “my little sweetheart”.

When we ask families what they would like their child to experience during their preschool years with us, more often than not they want their child to develop values that they hold dear as a family, values that will take their children through life; to be a person others like to be around. A kind, compassionate, caring individual who contributes in a real way to society. 

This was the aim of Maria Montessori whose work is our inspiration and guide.  More than approach to education it is an approach to life. The key to Montessori success is to follow her vision of providing constant and meaningful opportunities for real work that contributes to others in a real way. Both planned and spontaneous acts of service take place throughout the day as a natural outcome of living as a caring Montessori community. Thank you to all our Little Sweethearts Montessori children who help us to experience Montessori in action every day.

Love Laugh Grow Montessori


“The child should live in an environment of beauty”

Dr Maria Montessori

At Little Sweethearts Montessori our focus is your child.  Rather than teaching facts and lessons your child will be able to choose their own activities in an environment that is set up to make the most of their need for independence and freedom of choice. 

Our Montessori curriculum offers your child the ability to create, to dream and develop a life-long love of learning through practical life activities, exploring the senses, the natural world, language, mathematics, the arts, social & physical skills, all wrapped up with a sense of well-being and belonging!

Great care is shown how to show children how to work and play together, handle materials, improve co-ordination and tackle problems in a logical, orderly manner. Each child is given the freedom to choose their own activities and work uninterrupted.  Meeting the needs of individual children, we offer a calm, secure environment where each child’s sense of order, desire to be independent and help out are acknowledged.

Through interacting with other children, under the guidance of the Directress, each child will grow in confidence as their potential continues to unfold.  Giving children the time and the space to laugh, learn and grow together is at the very heart of Little Sweethearts Montessori.

Love Laugh Grow Montessori

Love the Faith

When a Montessori environment focuses on supporting the development of normalization for each child, nurturing the spirit goes hand in hand.  The Montessori philosophy of education believes that every child carries within them the person they will become.  To develop their physical, intellectual, and spiritual capacity at Little Sweethearts Montessori the Village, we have a wonderfully quiet retreat as part of our preschool environment. 

A traditional aspect of the Montessori experience, designed by Dr Montessori and developed by Sofia Cavaletti and Giovanna Gobbi in Rome, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is based on Maria Montessori’s self- teaching principles and the traditions of the Catholic church that appeals to the child’s spiritual awareness. 

Faith Cottage – Our Atrium space

In our top photograph, one of our LSM children is in our Atrium, where he is attracted to the Good Shepherd and Jesus’ abiding love for his sheep in our Atrium.   Children develop a special love the Good Shepherd even before they realize, they are the sheep, hearing the story, reflecting what they have heard and then re-enacting it themselves.

Love Laugh Grow Montessori